three. *roaming* gallery

three. began as an exhibition concept in san pedro, california in early 2002 as words. - a collaborative effort dreamed up by 2 of the 3 founders, carol es and edith abeyta. this show exhibited at angels gate cultural center and was curated by carol es with the help of marshall astor of AGCC. shortly thereafter three. gallery/studio was opened with the help of the 3rd edition, artist nancy cone. (the original three being edith, nancy and carol.)

during its existence the gallery produced some fine shows while contributing to the buzzing art scene in san pedro's historical old town arts district. a year later, the 3-woman partnership dissolved and the space was then taken over by marshall astor's walled city gallery (now also gone).

three. then continued their internet presence - a collaboration created by carol es and her partner michael phillips - and this website remains an operable archive for the past shows put on by the crew at three. and our continuing curational efforts presented at other los angeles venues, both past and future.

now a roaming project, three. exhibits contemporary artwork of every discipline: photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, assemblage, mixed media work, performance and installations. the project aims to curate thematic, solo and group exhibitions that involve a network of friends, artists, and nearby communities within revolving venues in so-cal. the mission is to bridge the public to the arts by creating intimate themes that bring people together in mutual understanding.

some artists represented in past shows include:

edith abeyta
rob abeyta
tony brown
nancy cone
carol es
mark steven greenfield
anne grgich
elizabeth hoffman
steve irvin
michele jaquis
andy jenkins
midge lynn
michael phillips
harold plople
matt sesow
ali smith
suzan woodruff