three. *roaming* gallery

Ten artists react to the concept of labels, branding, pigeonholes, and self-identity. Tony Brown, Carol Es, Mark Steven Greenfield, Elizabeth Hoffman, Midge Lynn, Mary Milelczik, Suzan Woodruff, and photographer Ali Smith, author of "Laws of the Bandit Queens." With an installation by Michele Jaquis in Gallery 2, and a performance by Steve Irvin.

Highways Performance Space and Gallery
18th Street Arts Complex
1651 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA. 90404
Tel: (310) 453-1755

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 1st, 6:30 pm. With a performance by Steve Irvin at 8:pm


Identification, synonymous with self-identity and being classified correctly, or incorrectly, can act as judgments that conveniently place us into categories. Since first impressions can often force some of us into undesired pigeonholes, we go through life defending these false perceptions and/or negative stereotypes in an effort to impress a correct and individualistic view of ourselves onto others. We seem to have the need to ?ID? ourselves, as if wearing invisible name badges. These identities are etched onto our circuit boards, hard-wired in from our parents? generation - who were victims of the same contagion.