'Would' - the girl art dump
Three Gallery, San Pedro, CA

by john trippe

   it's a need to get away sometimes. something hits ya and a heavy weight bares down and the day in and day out routine has to be broken or else malaise and depression finds open doors and your left feeling like there can ever be a way out of the same roads, the same seat, the same computer, the same shit day in and day out. we are human. we need change. we need inspiration... well, that's just me.... i work from home and see few people all day long. so i hung a sign that says 'do something', i leave the computer when i find myself doing google searches for pictures of guys named steve for no reason at all... i also take as many road trips as possible. and this show seemed like a good enough reason to hit hwy 101 and head on down south to check this out, see some friends in la... and to break the daily routine.

   maybe you skate or maybe you don't. if you do, you already know that girl skateboards is a company that makes skateboard decks; those little wooden things that one attaches wheels on to get gnarly and all that... the company is lucky enough to have a very talented quiver of artists working for them. the company's part owner and creator is spike jonze, that hip young director that has created being john malkovich and jackass and is in production with a new film that i forget the name of... others who work there who are our favorites are bob k and andy jenkins.

   i cruised by the show; much too early. i'm a bit shy, so i opted to pass it by for a nice view of the harbor and to see the ships and the sailboats only to be stopped by a police man asking why i passed the no access sign and kept heading for the water. 'well, just that officer. i just wanted to get to the water'. but you can't get to the water. all the large freighting companies bought the land right up to the beaches and use giant cranes to lift those boxes from the land to the ship's deck. fuckers. so i turned around and headed back to the show. i hate being so close to water and unable to see it. drives me just bonkers!... anyway, where was i?

   the show was pretty chill. people came in, bought a doll, had a glass of alcohol and left. Because of the drive with it's mcdonald's hamburgers, cigarettes, copious amounts of coffee and candy, i was left feeling a bit bleary eyed and sickly. my feet were still getting used to being upright and were slightly wobbly as i walked along the wall enjoying the dolls. some stood out more than others and i think in my subconscious i tried to justify the trip by being slightly critical of the work. not too sure what i expected, but i was left feeling that the work was a bit sketch bookish... if you walked in off the street, not knowing who the artists were or you had never seen the girl logo before, i am not sure how stoked you would have been, but then again, the show was not being held for that person... it was a skater's art show, and good skater's art show it was. and since i am a skater, i enjoyed the work and wished i had some extra money so that i could have bought a doll (they all sold for $100 a piece). not too sure if i'll ever get the chance again to own a piece of one of the greatest skate companies in the history of skateboarding.

   ray barbee played great music. bob k's simple and florescent colored dolls were my favorite along with andy jenkins's, rob abeyta's, and andy mueller's ... it seemed that almost all the dolls sold... i drank some amazing hand crafted beer which had an intense alcohol content... and i got the talk with some very nice people. a good time was had.

   click here to see a complete list of who was in the show along with images of all the work shown.

Three Gallery - threegallery.com
Girl - girlskateboards.com/

ray barbee

andy jenkins

tony larson

rob abeyta

michael leon

bob k

andy jenkins